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Rebekah Driscoll

Rebekah Driscoll was born in Lebanon, New Hampshire in 1980. As a child she taught herself to play several musical instruments, and as a teenager she began composing music without formal instruction. She later studied flute, voice, and composition at Sarah Lawrence College and composition at Brooklyn College …read more»
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About Us was created in May 2010 by composer Dennis Tobenski to serve the concert music community by facilitating the distribution of scores by living composers to those who are interested in new music.

Dennis saw that composers were having a difficult time bringing their scores to the attention of performers and the score-buying community.  Composers whose works aren't published by the major publishing houses have a difficult time finding distribution, but as composers began to self-publish, two things happened: 1) positively, composers took charge of their own rights and profits, and 2) negatively, scores became more difficult to distribute.

Composers who self-publish have the option of selling their works on their own websites, which assumes that 1) the composer has a website, 2) the composer is capable of setting up an online store, and 3) people know about and visit the website.

Knowing this, Dennis decided to create New Music Shelf, which acts as a central hub for the distribution of scores by composers who self-publish.  Composers set the prices for their own works, and receive a monthly check for the balance of their earnings (minus a transaction and distribution fee).  Distribution with is non-exclusive, which allows composers to continue to sell their works elsewhere without penalty.  

New Music Shelf encourages customers to be in touch with the composers whose scores they have purchased, particularly if they intend to perform any of the composer's works.  Composers are encouraged to provide an email or website contact with their scores to make such contact possible.

If you are a composer who is interested in selling your scores via, please see the article Sell Your Scores.

If there is a feature to that you would like to see added, please contact looks forward to serving the concert music community, and hopes to continue to expand its services to benefit composers everywhere.