NewMusicShelf Anthologies of New Music

NewMusicShelf introduces its line of Anthologies of New Music written by living composers and curated by professional performers.

The NewMusicShelf Anthologies of New Music are a bold, new publishing initiative aimed at bringing new and unknown composers and repertoire to student and professional performers alike. With an emphasis on works not found in the traditional publishing ecosystem, each volume is curated by performers who have a reputation for championing new music, with an eye toward selecting works with a range of styles and difficulties that are suitable for concert and recital performance.

With this innovative mode of publishing, NewMusicShelf advocates for self-published composers in a way previously unheard of in the realm of classical music: all self-published composers retain full ownership of their work while earning a generous royalty on every sale. Your support of this project directly benefits these composers, and also helps NewMusicShelf to continue to promote the works of the many excellent composers writing today. We encourage you to explore these composers’ catalogs in greater depth, and hope that these songs inspire many fruitful and rewarding collaborations!

Soprano, Vol. 1

Curated by Laura Strickling

Twenty songs for soprano and piano

Including works by: John Arrigo-Nelson, Paul Ayres, Clint Borzoni, Mark Buller, Martin Bussey, Emerson Eads, Evan Fein, Daniel Felsenfeld, Jodi Goble, Juliana Hall, Gordon Kerry, Joshua Lindsay, Cecilia Livingston, Ray Lustig, Carrie Magin, James Matheson, James Primosch, Behzad Ranjbaran, William Toutant, and Theodore Wiprud.

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Mezzo-Soprano, Vol. 1

Curated by Megan Ihnen

Twenty songs for mezzo-soprano and piano

Including works by: Michael Betteridge, Mark Buller, Stephen DeCesare, Douglas Fisk, Matt Frey, Jodi Goble, Ricky Ian Gordon, Cara Haxo, Cameron Lam, Cecilia Livingston, Shona Mackay, Tony Manfredonia, Nicole Murphy, Eric Pazdziora, Frances Pollock, Julia Seeholzer, Alan Thiesen, Dennis Tobenski, Moe Touizrar, and Ed Windels.

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Tenor, Vol. 1

Curated by Dennis Tobenski

Twenty songs for tenor and piano

Including works by: Paul Ayres, Chester Biscardi, Clint Borzoni, Steven Burke, Daniel Gilliam, Juliana Hall, Drew Hemenger, Garrett Hope, Rory Johnston, David Leisner, Lisa Neher, Frank J. Oteri, Gabrielle Owens, Darien Shulman, Dennis Tobenski, Craig Urquhart, Philip Wharton, Scott Wheeler, David Wolfson, and Roger Zahab.

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Baritone, Vol. 1

Curated by Michael Kelly

Twenty songs for baritone and piano

Including works by: Victoria Bond, Martin Bussey, D. Edward Davis, Daniel Felsenfeld, Cara Haxo, Chia-Yu Hsu, David Leisner, Carrie Magin, Allen McCullough, Ryan Molloy, Ben Moore, Gabrielle Owens, Paul Salerni, Harry Stafylakis, Margret Tesch-Muller, Craig Urquhart, Mark Weiser, Philip Wharton, Scott Wheeler, and David Wolfson.

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Trans & Nonbinary Voices, Vol. 1

Curated by Aiden K. Feltkamp

Twenty-one songs for voice and piano

Including works by: Keith Allegretti, Penrose Allphin, Adam Burnette, Griffin Candey, Nell Shaw Cohen, Rosśa Crean, Rylan Greave, Grey Grant, Leo Hurley, Dana Kaufman, Melissa Li, Tony Manfredonia, Pax Ressler, Hope Salmonson, Isaac Schankler, Ashley Seward, brin solomon, Yoshi Weinberg, LJ White, and Thomas Yee.

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Alto Saxophone, Vol. 1

Curated by Alan Theisen

Sixteen works for alto saxophone and piano

Including works by: Stephanie Ann Boyd, Wes Flinn, George N. Gianopoulos, Anthony R. Green, Chia-Yu hsu, Lori Laitman, Quinn Mason, Aaron Jay Myers, Garrett Shatzer, Clare Shore, Aleks Sternsfeld-Dunn, Alan Theisen, Cassie Wieland, Chelsea Williamson, Tetsuya Yamamoto, and Roger Zare.

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Viola, Vol. 1

Curated by Michael Hall

Twenty works for viola and piano

Including works by: Chester Biscardi, Nicolas Bizub, Mario Carro, Chong Kee Yong, Andrea Clearfield, Diana Cotoman, Peter Dayton, Rob Deemer, Marianna Filippi, Stacy Garrop, Rachel Grimes, Marisa Sharon Hartanto, Martin Hebel, Michael Kovell, Tony Manfredonia, James Mobberley, Antonio Celso Ribeiro, Alyssa Weinberg, and Evan Williams.

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Solo Piano, Vol. 1

Curated by Marianne Parker

Twenty-one works for solo piano

Including works by: Jason Bahr, Nathan Daughtrey, Jay Derderian, David Feurzeig, Alexandra Fol, Joseph Harkins, Chia-Yu Hsu, Jennifer Jolley, Matthew Kennedy, Tyler Kline, Gustav Lindsten, Carrie Magin, Lisa Neher, Frank J. Oteri, Jeffrey Parola, Keane Southard, Matthew Evan Taylor, Alan Theisen, Dennis Tobenski, Theodore Wiprud, and Ryan Woodhouse.

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Signature Series

In collaboration with individual performers and performing organizations, NewMusicShelf has begun publishing collections of works commissioned or premiered by the performer/organization.

The Etudes Project, Vol. 1: ICEBERG

Curated by Jenny Lin

Ten etudes for solo piano

Including works by: Drake Andersen, Victor Baez, Stephanie Ann Boyd, Alex Burtzos, Yu-Chun Chien, Derek Cooper, Max Grafe, Will Healy, Jonathan Russ, and Harry Stafylakis.

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songSLAM Songbook, Vol. 1

Curated by Sparks & Wiry Cries

Sixteen songs for voice and piano

Including works by: Daniel Castellanos, Abigail de Niverville, Natalie Draper, Whitney George, Wally Gunn, Meg Huskin, Felix Jarrar, Laurence Jobidon, Isaac Lovedahl, Liam Moore, Haley Olsen, Nathan Scalise, Tilen Slakan, Evan L. Snider, Dennis Tobenski, and Jason Weisinger.

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The Lost Songs of the AIDS Quilt Songbook, Vol. 1

Curated by John Seesholtz

Five songs for voice and piano

Including works by: Douglas R. Boyer, Craig Carnahan, Ricky Ian Gordon, Daniel Kallman, and Evan Kuchar.

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