NewMusicShelf Anthology of New Music for Soprano, Vol. 1


20 songs for soprano and piano

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About the Anthology

Curated by soprano Laura Strickling, this collection of 20 art songs is ideal for active performers looking for exciting new repertoire, voice teachers searching for fresh contemporary songs for their studios, or student vocalists seeking out unique and culturally-relevant new works to fulfill 21st century repertoire requirements.

These songs, which were predominantly composed in the 21st century, represent a broad range of compositional styles from composers living and writing today, and were curated for intermediate through advanced voices. Many of the songs in this volume are excerpted from larger cycles of songs, available directly from the composers.

The NewMusicShelf Anthologies of New Music are a bold, new publishing initiative aimed at bringing new and unknown composers and repertoire to student and professional performers alike. With an emphasis on works not found in the traditional publishing ecosystem, each volume is curated by performers who have a reputation for championing new music, with an eye toward selecting works with a range of styles and difficulties that are suitable for concert and recital performance.

With this innovative mode of publishing, NewMusicShelf advocates for self-published composers in a way previously unheard of in the realm of classical music: all self-published composers retain full ownership of their work while earning a generous royalty on every sale. Your support of this project directly benefits these composers, and also helps NewMusicShelf to continue to promote the works of the many excellent composers writing today. We encourage you to explore these composers' catalogs in greater depth, and hope that these songs inspire many fruitful and rewarding collaborations!

Songs in this volume

ComposerSong TitleAuthor of TextYear Composed
John Arrigo-Nelson Grapheme I after Cy Twombly Sappho, Catallus, Giorgos Seferis, Percy Bysshe Shelley 2017
Paul Ayres The Best-Beloved Frances Quarles 2005
Clint Borzoni Oh You Walt Whitman 2010
Mark Buller Mr. Peck (from The Tombstone Songs) Anonymous 2015
Martin Bussey Lovely Playthings (from Gurney Songs) Ivor Gurney 2005
Emerson Eads He Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven W. B. Yeats 2013
Evan Fein Lullaby for a Baby Fairy (from Summer of Love) Joyce Kilmer 2011
Daniel Felsenfeld Dry Sandwiches Kate Gale 2007
Jodi Goble The Storm (from The Heart of the World) Sara Teasdale 2016
Juliana Hall Song (from Night Dances) Emily Brontë 1987
Gordon Kerry Canto of the Leaves (Empyrean) (from Five Cantos from The Divine Comedy) John Kinsella 2011
Joshua Lindsay Fall, Leaves, Fall Emily Brontë 2012
Cecilia Livingston Penelope Cecilia Livingston 2014
Ray Lustig The Silvery Round Moon Walt Whitman 2008
Carrie Magin Be Music, Night Kenneth Patchen 2011
James Matheson Clouds Ripped Open (from Times Alone) Antonio Machado 2012
James Primosch Every Day is a God Annie Dillard 1999
Behzad Ranjbaran It is night (from Three Persian Songs) Nima Yushij 1988
William Toutant Le Pont Mirabeau Guillaume Apollinaire 2016
Theodore Wiprud Elegy Before Death (from For Allegra) Edna St. Vincent Millay 2010

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A Note on Binding

To adhere to recommendations by the Music Library Association, and to aid in library shelving, the NewMusicShelf Anthologies are perfect bound books. Since perfect binding frequently prevents books from lying flat (which is especially helpful for pianists), you may choose to have the anthologies rebound for use in performance. Most copy shops are able to - quickly and cheaply - shave off the spine of a perfect bound book and rebind it with a coil/spiral. Coil binding is usually preferable to comb binding in this instance because coils preserve the pages better, and turn more quietly, provided that the coil is wide enough to accommodate page turns.

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