Borobó (SopSaxophone and/or Clarinet Duo)


for Bb Soprano Saxophone and/or Bb Clarinet Duo (1999)

Composer: Rudesindo Soutelo
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5 1/2 min.


Bb Soprano Saxophone and/or Bb Clarinet Duo

Program Notes

Rudesindo Soutelo
Borobó (1999) for B♭ Soprano Saxophone and/or B♭ Clarinet Duo [ca. 5′ 30″]

ISWC: T-041.574.846-7
ISMN: 979-0-9007557-0-4
This work is a tribute to Raimundo García Domínguez, (*Pontecesures-Galicia, 10-VI-1916; +Santiago de Compostela, 28-VIII-2003), better known by his alter ego “Borobó”. He was one of the key figures of 20th century Galician journalism and I shared the Madrid tertulias of the Café Comercial and Café Gijón with him. The work is built on the complexes [6,2,6] [8,2,9] and [9,7]. Each of the six sections is lengthened in one beat from 6/8 to 6+6/8 to misalign the form.
The original version is for Bb Bagpipe Duo. There is also another version for Flute and/or Violin Duo. The original version is in a different tessitura.

Esta obra é uma homenagem a Raimundo García Domínguez, (*Pontecesures-Galiza, 10-VI-1916; +Santiago de Compostela, 28-VIII-2003), mais conhecido pelo seu alter ego «Borobó». Foi uma das figuras fundamentais do jornalismo galego do século XX e com ele partilhei as tertúlias madrilenas do Café Comercial e do Café Gijón. A obra constrói-se sobre os complexos [6,2,6] [8,2,9] e [9,7]. Cada uma das seis secções é alongada em um tempo desde os 6/8 até os 6+6/8 para desalinhavar a forma.
A versão original é para Duo de Gaitas de fole em Sib. Há, ainda, uma outra versão para Duo de Flauta/s e/ou Violino/s. A versão original está numa tessitura diferente.

Rudesindo Soutelo

New editions revised and corrected by the composer, including works published for the first time.

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