Dreams, Lies & Love Songs


a selection of twelve songs for voice and piano



Perusal Score


L’amor mio partì soldato (2020) from Canzoni italiane
The Betrothal (1990) from Wasting the Night
Commuter Buddhist (2014)
The Dancers (2021)
Even the Lies (2017) from Lies I Tell Myself
I Will Always Be on Your Side (1998)
If I Had a Wife (1994) from Serenata
Lethe (2007) from Turning Back
Litany (2006)
Moonlight on the Prairie (2021)
Shining Shore (2021)
Waiting for Night (2020) from A Thousand Names

Program Notes

“My songs are both my most collaborative and my most personal music. Also the most natural for me to write. In fact, sometimes I think I could happily give up writing instrumental music and just write songs for the rest of my life. First there is the pleasure of connecting with a text I love, usually a poem, then the pleasure of hearing a singer and pianist making interpretive choices I couldn’t have anticipated. Finally there is the pleasure of sensing the reaction from a live audience, whether sitting with them or myself accompanying a singer.” — Scott Wheeler

Featured Video

"Litany": Wiliam Sharp, baritone; Donald Berman, piano


"The Betrothal": Susanna Phillips, soprano; Donald Berman, piano

"Lethe": Krista River, mezzo-soprano; Donald Berman, piano


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