Epilogue for Voice and Viola (2007)


For voice and viola (2007)



Performance by mezzo-soprano Megan Ihnen and violist Michael Hall.


2 min.


Voice and viola


Ovid : The Metamorphoses

Program Notes

In 2007, two fellow students at The Hartt School organized a concert entitled “Momentum”. The idea was that composers would be randomly assigned performers and would need to write a piece for those performers within an hour. The players would then have an hour to learn the new works before presenting them on the concert.

For the project, I was assigned spoken voice and alto saxophone. Since a copy of Ovid’s Metamorphoses was on my desk at the time, I used an excerpt as the text of the resulting piece, Epilogue. The work was premiered on “Momentum” by Kate Dunphy (voice) and Joe D’Aleo (saxophone). After the premiere, violist/composer Russ Podgorsek asked me to do a viola arrangement.


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