for violin and piano (2010)



Perusal Score



9 min.


violin and piano

Program Notes

We all weave meaning into our experiences.  We search for meaning in unspoken and spoken words, gestures, feelings, trees, DNA, galaxies, monkeys, music – in other words, everything.  The meaning of anything is derived from our memories of everything.  Fusion is for violin and piano and I composed it for my friend, the deeply gifted violinist Robin Zeh.  I imagine the violin to be a person experiencing life and constructing meaning.  The piano is the world, providing the raw material for the violin to interpret.  The violin has a particular nature, just like each human being, and that nature here is to find the melody in every moment.  It is the melody maker, fusing the elements together.  The violin unites world, experience and meaning.

I was also thinking of how we unite or fuse people into our lives.  We are all social creatures and seek out other like-hearted souls to share our experiences.  These spirits enrich our lives and add more meaning.  It is with great joy that I dedicate Fusion to two spirits that have greatly enriched my own life.  Fusion is lovingly dedicated to Tom Cipullo and Hedwig Brouckaert in celebration of their marriage.

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