Hoedown for Bass Player on Speed


for double bass (2000)



Eric Crawford - Double Bass


P. Kellach Waddle - Double Bass


Solo Double Bass

Program Notes

This work is a venture into the programmatic. A bored and lonely bass player decides on an all night practice session. He decides that he needs a little “help” staying awake. A visit to the truck stop provides our soloist with the help he needs, speed. He quickly downs the substance and very soon he’s wide awake and launches into a hoe-down in tribute to his truck stop discovery. Soon however, he begins to come down. The lack of sleep is catching up with him. But our friend doesn’t stop here! He goes for a second hit, taking all of his little pills at once. This time the narcotics kick in with a vengeance and our soloist launches into a second hoe-down that is even more intense and demented than the original culminating in a frenzied and exhausted climax.
Daniel Racer 6/2/2007


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