Moon Over Appalachia


A folk-inspired suite for solo cello (2011)





15 min.

Program Notes

Moon Over Appalachia is a four-movement suite for solo cello, inspired by the folk music of Appalachia. It’s an enchanting musical tradition full of lyrical melodies, foot-tapping rhythms, heart-wrenching lullabies, and above all, a spirit of American people and their landscape.

I. Pumpernickel & Cheddar
II. Twinkletoes & Rainbows
III. Midnight
IV. Storytime

Oliver Caplan

Award-winning composer Oliver Caplan writes melodies that nourish our souls, offering a voice of hope in an uncertain world. Mr. Caplan’s works have been performed in over 120 performances nationwide. He has been commissioned by the Atlanta Chamber Players, Bella Piano Trio and Bronx Arts Ensemble, among others. Winner of a Special Citation for the American Prize in Orchestral Composition, additional recognitions include Veridian Symphony Competition Wins, Fifth House Ensemble Competition Grand Prize and VCCA fellowships. Recordings of Mr. Caplan’s music include his 2012 debut album Illuminations, 2015 EP Moon Over Appalachia and a track on the Sinfonietta of Riverdale’s 2016 album New World Serenade.

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