New Life


for flute and vibraphone (2013)



Performed at Skidmore College with Andrew Koehler (, Vibraphone. Spring 2014.

Rebecca McDaniel, vibraphone
Anatolia Evarkiou-Kaku, flute

Performed at Heaven Gallery, Chicago, IL
February 9, 2019

Program Notes

New Life depicts the remarkable transformation that water undergoes in the spring: the slow dripping of icicles in the sun, followed by the somehow surprising rivers of melted snow and ice; the rain that pours down, and the miraculous appearance of the first plants – refreshed after a very long rest – that begin to come out of the ground. It was written as part of a larger project focused on changing seasons; a concert called “Early Frost: Music for Changing Seasons.” I find that those brief periods when seasons are shifting – particularly winter changing into spring – tend to lead me into spells of heightened creativity. This piece is a meditation on – as well as a product of – that notion.


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