for string trio (2013)



#PUSH!!! played by Maya Bennardo (violin), Hannah Levinson (viola), and Mariel Roberts (cello) in September 2013.



5 1/2 min.


Violin, Viola, Cello

Program Notes

#PUSH!!!  was a piece commissioned by a longtime supporter, intended as a surprise birthday gift for his wife.  The commissioner and I chose a favorite song of hers to incorporate into the composition.  I couldn’t have been more thrilled that this favorite song contains perhaps the most anthemic synthesized riff in all of 1980s New Wave music.   Thus the entirety of #PUSH!!! is derived from one 2-bar phrase, fractured, layered, and re-purposed to create a wholly new work. The following note accompanied the work at its premiere:

PUSH past through beyond. PUSH from to toward. PUSH against. PUSH hard. harder. keep PUSHing. PUSH again. and again. PUSH despite. PUSH because. PUSH in the face of. don’t stop PUSHing.


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