The Amplify Anthology, Vol. 1


17 songs for voice and piano

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About the Anthology

Through the Amplify Series, formerly Autism Advocacy Series, LYNX collects poetry and prose written by autistic individuals who are primarily nonspeaking, and commission composers to set their words as song. These youth communicate by spelling words on a letterboard, iPad, or keyboard. Their rich inner lives often go unnoticed or unacknowledged by those not directly connected to the autism or the letterboarding community.

To date, LYNX has worked with fifteen young writers and fifteen composers on new commissions which range in topic from experiences as a person with autism to climate change to favorite foods. The range of song topics is itself a commentary—poems written by autistic individuals need not be about autism.

Through NewMusicShelf, LYNX has curated a collection of songs which feature at least one song from every poet and composer who was commissioned for the Amplify Series between 2017 and 2020. LYNX’s hope is that this anthology is a starting place for musicians to discover and learn this music. While it contains some of the LYNX team’s favorite selections, the anthology is by no means comprehensive. The goal of the anthology is for singers and pianists to find songs that resonate with them while also discovering new composers.

Songs in this volume

ComposerSong TitleAuthor of TextYear Composed
Tariq Al-Sabir In the Dark Night Michael Zepf 2019
Tariq Al-Sabir The Sixth Extinction Kenta Mignot 2019
Joel Balzun "Meditation I: My Light" from My light, my mind, and my dreams Rithik Sinhasan 2017
Joel Balzun "This is my Voice" from My light, my mind, and my dreams Ryan Harris 2017
Joel Balzun "March 2017: Lucky" from Was/am/will be" Luke Burke 2019
Emily Cooley beautiful small things Ryan Harris 2017
Rosśa Crean I belong Nina Szabo 2019
Juliana Hall "Traversing Great Solitude" from Great Camelot Sameer Dahar 2017
Meg Huskin Maddie and Dakotah Emily Friend 2020
Benjamin Krause "Rap About Girls" from Defined by Words Aarush Srivastava 2020
Benjamin Krause "Lake Erie" from Defined by Words Darren Stella 2020
Liberté-Anne Lymberiou "It" Kenta Mignot 2019
Aristea Mellos Adages: Five Motivational Musings Rahul Sivaruban 2017
Travis Reynolds In the Dark Night Michael Zepf 2019
Travis Reynolds My neatest friend Z Rahul Sivaruban 2017
Travis Reynolds People Wish for Love Michael Zepf 2019
Stephen Variames Hope Kenta Mignot 2019


Meg Huskin: "Maddie & Dakotah"

About the Curator

LYNX, also known as Lynx Project, is a Chicago-based nonprofit organization that amplifies diverse voices through new song commissions, inclusive concerts, and educational programming. Founded in 2015 by Caitleen Kahn, Megan Moore, Steven Humes, and Florence Mak, LYNX was formed to revitalize the genre of art song and share it with new audiences.

LYNX is passionate about bringing modern voices and new perspectives into the art song canon. Between 2017 and 2020, LYNX's Amplify Series (formerly Autism Advocacy Series) set the poetry of primarily non-speaking autistic individuals in new song commissions, and directly connected neurodiverse communities to professional artistic experiences. Amplify continues in the 20-21 season with another hour of commissions featuring four writers and five composers.

Since its founding five years ago, LYNX has produced more than 30 recitals and events in six states, and has commissioned over three hours of new music through its Amplify series. Championing emerging and established performers and composers, LYNX offers meaningful artistic opportunities and fosters deep connections between artists and communities. LYNX is now headed by Executive Director Caitleen Kahn and Artistic Director Christina Giuca.

In addition to performance initiatives, which include Amplify and Snapshots of Every Voice, LYNX is passionate about music education opportunities for youth. In its Composition of a City program, classical and hip hop artists co-teach a songwriting curriculum for teens on the South Side of Chicago.

For more information about LYNX and the Amplify Anthology, please visit



A Note on Binding

To adhere to recommendations by the Music Library Association, and to aid in library shelving, the NewMusicShelf Anthologies are perfect bound books. Since perfect binding frequently prevents books from lying flat (which is especially helpful for pianists), you may choose to have the anthologies rebound for use in performance. Most copy shops are able to - quickly and cheaply - shave off the spine of a perfect bound book and rebind it with a coil/spiral. Coil binding is usually preferable to comb binding in this instance because coils preserve the pages better, and turn more quietly, provided that the coil is wide enough to accommodate page turns.

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