The Silent World


for flute, glockenspiel, piano, and string quartet (2010)



"The Silent World" for small chamber ensemble. With Valerie Estes, flute, Lauren Fink, glockenspiel, Martha Mingle, piano, Chia-Hsuan Lin, piano, Stephen Nordstrom, violin, Wooram Kwon, violin, Cara Simpson, viola, Sarah Donahue, cello. Annunziata Tomoro, conductor.


3 min.


flute, glockenspiel, piano, string quartet

Program Notes

There is something serene and placid about watching underwater creatures move in a contained space. Their motions are timeless and beautiful; their actions are purposeful but suspended in the aquarium. Watching eels, stingrays, and jellyfish float in a synthetic aquatic habitat reminds me of their simple primordial beginnings. In this piece, I created a sonic environment that synthesizes the aquarium by using various instrumental colors and basic homophonic melodies to create the timeless, murky qualities seen when visiting an aquarium.

Commissioned by the concert:nova ensemble, Ixi Chen Artistic Director


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