These Distances Between Us


For mezzo-soprano and piano (2016)


Performed by Emily Jaworski Koriath and Tad Koriath. Released by Naxos.


14 min.


Voice and piano


Aiden K. Feltkamp : These Distances Between Us

Program Notes

The song cycle, These Distances Between Us sets four poems by Aiden K. Feltkamp that explore distance—both physical and emotional—in relationships. When Aiden and I first discussed a possible collaboration, I was struck by how these texts expressed a deep longing tempered by a powerful tension between optimism and realism. Each has a distinct perspective, yet all share a poignant awareness of the precarious nature of personal connections, particularly those where physical separation and mental illness come into play. Though not originally from the same collection, the poems form a striking progression moving ever inward, as if the distances described are somehow being closed.


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