This Is Who I Am


for tenor solo, TTB chorus, and piano (2015)

Composer: Stephen DeCesare
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4 min.


Tenor Solo, Male Choir (TTB), Piano

Program Notes

A “coming-out” song. A man finally comes to grip with the fact that he is gay after a lifetime of lies and deceit to those he loves. Scored for Tenor Solo, TTB chorus and Piano. A sure show-stopper number for any concert/cabaret type setting.

Stephen DeCesare

Stephen DeCesare (Rhode Island) is an accomplished American composer/arranger/performer. His remarkable work list is over 5000 compositions which include sacred/liturgical music, chamber pieces, ballet, oratorios, works for orchestra, and musicals...all of which can be found here on For more information, you may also visit his personal page:

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