Three Etudes


for flute, clarinet, or saxophone (2012)




4 min.


flute, clarinet, or saxophone


Etude #1 Moderato
Etude #2 Allegro
Etude #3 Moderate with a forceful rhythm

Program Notes

These three etudes are a part of Advanced Scale Studies, also by John Gibson and employs some of the scales and note patterns from that book. Some of the scales are: Chromatic Hypophrygian, Chromatic lydian, and Phrygian. A challenge for any player!

John Gibson

John Gibson is a veteran music arranger and composer who has been supplying woodwind players with interesting, well-crafted sheet music since 1998 under the business name JB Linear Music. John has over 600 pieces of music ranging from solos to duets to large woodwind ensembles. Many of them have been performed all over the world and reviewed in international woodwind magazines. He presently is an adjunct music instructor at Clark College and Concordia University in the Portland, Oregon area.

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