Basic Info

Year Composed

Enter the year you composed/arranged the work

Short description

Like, seriously, SHORT: think, “for voice and piano”, “for flute, viola, and harp”.
Very briefly describe the barest essentials for the piece. Descriptions of the character of the piece or programming considerations should go in Notes below.


Enter the duration of your piece in whole numbers or decimals rounded to the nearest quarter (1, 1.25, 1.5, 1.75, etc.). The software automatically converts this to fractions. This format allows site visitors to filter works by length.

After you type your duration, it should appear in a dropdown list below. If it doesn’t, click the “+” on the right side of the entry field, and enter your duration in the pop-up box.

Alternately, you can enter your duration in the box marked “Duration” in the right-hand side panel.


If your instrumentation is more specific than what you entered for the Short Description above, be more specific here.

For example, if your Short Description is “for voice and piano” or “for string quartet” or a similar obvious grouping, leave this blank. But for larger ensembles, enter the specific instrumentation here. This is especially helpful for band/orchestral/large ensemble works.

For example, an orchestral work with triple winds might be entered here as: A work for Pierrot ensemble with soprano might be entered as: sop, flt, cl, vln, vcl, pno.


This is simple legal language that ackowledges that you own the necessary rights to sell this piece through NMS.

Texts & Song/Mvt Titles

Text Info

For works with texts, enter appropriate information for the author of the text, a URL where performers can find information about the author, the title of the text, and a URL where the text can be found. Enter only the information that is available and appropriate.

Vocal Range

For solo vocal works, enter the range of the vocal part so that singers can evaluate its suitability to their voice.

Is this a multi-movement/multi-song work?

If your piece has more than one movement or song, click “Yes”

Movements or Songs?

Select whether the piece has movements or songs, and enter the titles.


Program Notes

Add your program notes here. This is super important for performers because it gives them a sense of what your piece is like according to you.

Don’t be intimidated by the words “Program Notes”. Spend a few sentences telling performers why this piece is important to you, and what is really interesting about it. Take this space to write about who you wrote the piece for, what occasion it was written for, why you chose your texts (if appropriate), or generally why you wrote the piece or what it’s about.


Perusal score embed

If you use Issuu to host perusal scores, paste the URL here. (Perusal scores are SUPER IMPORTANT, don’t ignore this! If you don’t use Issuu, pay attention to Product Image later!)

Audio Embed

If you have a recording available on SoundCloud or a similar service, paste the URL to the recording here (the embed code is not necessary). Be good to your performers, and add information about performers/venues/performance dates, as well.

Video Embed

Same as above for YouTube/Vimeo/etc links.

Product Data

Simple Product

Unless you know how this works, and you’ve cleared it with with NMS, leave this as Simple Product.


Check this box!


Check this box!

Regular Price

Select your price for the piece. Use this calculator if you need help figuring out pricing:

Downloadable files

For each file (PDF or MP3), click Add File, and upload each file.

For each score/part, it’s preferable that you upload a separate PDF because each file will be watermarked with the purchaser’s name and email to discourage unauthorized sharing. For works with many parts, you may find it easier to collect the parts into a single printable PDF.

Download limit

If you want to limit the number of times a purchaser can download your PDFs, enter that number here. Three (3) is a generally acceptable limit; however, NMS acknowledges that performers have a) multiple devices, and b) occasionally unreliable connections, and consequently encourages that composers allow performers to be allowed multiple downloads, expecting that downloaded files will be appropriately watermarked to discourage piracy. (Setting limits is not necessary)

Download expiry

Don’t change this.

Tax status/Tax class

Don’t worry about these – NMS will handle this.


Product Categories

Click the most appropriate categories for your work

Product tags

Enter appropriate tags for your work

Type of Work

Click the appropriate type of work

Featured instruments

Select appropriate solo/featured instruments/voices (don’t get too granular about this – this is mostly meant for sonatas, concerti, and works with prominent solos)

Ensemble Type

Similar to Product Categories, select the most appropriate categories for your work. If your ensemble type isn’t represented here, don’t feel pressured to select anything.

Mix/Max Quantity

Leave this alone. This is reserved for choral works, which automatically has an 8 copy minimum. For changes to this, talk with NMS first.

Product Image

Upload a copy of the cover image here.

Product gallery

If you don’t host perusal scores with Issuu, select several pages (in JPG or PNG format) from the score to give performers a sense of the engraving and the style of the piece.


Save Draft

Use this button to save your work, especially if you’re not ready to submit yet. You will need to save your draft if you want to see changes in the Preview.


Click this when you are confident that your submission is in line with NMS policies. NMS reserves the right to bounce your submission back and ask for clearer engraving or more information about the work.